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Cell Phone Walking Tour Stop 15 Street SignStreet SignThe City of Horse Cave has developed a walking tour to help visitors understand its colorful history and rich present. The signs can all be found in thirty minutes of walking, although one might linger longer to take it all in. Signs are two-sided - the green side displays the aboveground stop; the brown side displays the belowground stop.

On either side of the sign: an image of what can be seen or what could have been seen in the past, plus the stop number to plug into when the cell phone number is called. Also a "Quick Response" or QR code is displayed, which can be scanned with a smart phone by using a QR-reader application. The QR code will connect the phone's web browser to a page on horsecavestories,com.

Aboveground Cellphone Walking Tour
Above Ground Tour
Designated as a Kentucky Cultural District, Horse Cave is home to a world-class theatre and museum, an historic downtown, bookstores, and a gallery, all within a few blocks. Even our sidewalks are unique!

The walking cell phone tour will introduce you to the remarkable citizen effort that created the Kentucky
Repertory Theatre and provide a glimpse back to the days when the region was dominated by the Cave Wars.
This companion website fills in the rest of the story. Each page has images and oral histories.

Belowground Cellphone Walking Tour
Belowground Cellphone Walking Tour
In the early 1900's, tourists flocked to Horse Cave to visit Hidden River Cave, once billed as "the World's Largest Cave Entrance." By the 1940's the cave had become so polluted that it was closed to the public and no longer used as the city's water supply.

The cave's restoration in 1993 was one of the most remarkable environmental success stories in America and a breath of fresh air for Horse Cave. Today, Horse Cave, Kentucky is a constant reminder of the delicate balance between caves and the sunlit world above.

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